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Immense disgust with what is happening within USA society led me to creating this blog.

Increasing disgust led me to conclude that the USA is doomed.

If I had the funds and lack of physical disabilities I would do my best to find another country and culture to live within.

But, I am forced to remain within a sick, disturbed and anti-male society that is also in the midst of class warfare that may eventually lead to the disintegration of the American Empire and intense internal social breakdown.

I will assuredly be dead and gone before what I believe is inevitable happens.

And life goes on.

In the meanwhile, I urge all who are curious about the ongoing anti-male affairs within the USA and/or the response to that War Against Males to visit:

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Interesting essay

From an essay found here:   emanon


Men created civilization by enforcing a moral and legal code that required everyone to work together to achieve common goals. One mark of a true man is his civility. Rudeness, wanton disobedience, and criminality are signs of a male with a defective character who is a net liability to civilization. In the old days, these males would be exiled outside of the city gates and forced to compete with the wild animals for food and shelter, because civility is a prerequisite of civilization. Males who did little or nothing to earn the bread that they ate were dealt with harshly when famines were still frequent.
Women are still biologically wired for conditions that predate civilization. They still want an Alpha male who will kill anyone who dares to annoy him. Two hundred millenia of living as nomadic hunters made this desire a necessity for survival for early humans. Ten millenia of living in villages and cities has not been long enough for natural selection to remove these primitive instincts from female sexual behavior. Primitive men were killed or exiled from early cities, but women were considered to be more valuable for breeding purposes and received less severe punishments for their misbehavior. Men were forced to evolve quickly, but women were not.

We now live in a technological age of lessened manual labor and increased intellectual demands. Famine is no longer common in industrialized nations. Backbreaking labor to scrape together enough calories to feed your family is no longer required of most men who live in these societies. A woman no longer needs to find a man who is capable of supporting her children in order to guarantee that her kids will survive to adulthood. Women can dispense with men entirely and rely upon the welfare state to levy taxes to redirect money from productive men to pay for their spawn.

Women are now almost entirely free to mate with any male they want, anywhere they want, and anytime they want. They are, by and large, defaulting back to their old programming from the Stone Age and mating with the most primitive males they can find. Drug dealers, outlaw bikers, career criminals – all of these archetypes of fake Alphaness are really just modern incarnations of the bad boys who used violence to rule the caves of Europe and Africa when Homo sapiens was still learning how to make stone tools.

These males actually have more in common with women than with true men. They can’t control anything, not even themselves. They act according to whatever they feel, not as they think they should act. This is why we call them bad boys instead of bad men. Women prefer them in part because the bad boys never force them to behave properly or override their emotions. Women can be perpetual children who never get spanked because there is no true man in the house to enforce the rules.

Women are selectively breeding with these defective males to remove the characteristics that made civilization possible in the first place from the gene pool. Every civilization until now has strictly controlled the ability of young women to mate with the local bad boys, because older and wiser heads knew that women get all hot and bothered by evil instead of good. Today’s women are in no danger of being sent off to a nunnery or shunned by society for spawning a bastard. These controls have been removed, and women are now reverting to the Stone Age rules of the mating game.

Men who still try to uphold and defend civilization now find that the laws of the land have been perverted. Their ancient prerogatives as heads of households have been mostly nullified, but their ancient responsibilities have been not only affirmed but also expanded. They are working harder and harder and getting fewer and fewer rewards. Women have been allowed to rewrite the legal code to maximize female privileges and minimize the authority of men. Men can rarely prevent a divorce anymore, and they are now forced to support their ex-wives and their bad boy lovers. Women have real political power now, and they are abusing it as much as possible. This can not last.

The result of all of this is entirely predictable. Nations that have allowed women to rewrite the laws that created civilization will either stagnate or actually regress to the point that other civilizations will surpass, eclipse, and subsume them entirely. The key difference between the fall of past civilizations and the decline of the West today is that we are being invaded by barbarians from inside our own borders, bred in our own bedrooms, from bad boys selected by our own womenfolk.


An essay worthy of being read. Placed here to assist in maximizing the number of folks presented with some writing worthy of reading.





Happy in the Hovel




As placed at a MGTOW site I repeat that post here for no particular reason except because I want to.

Perhaps this posting is that minute piece of my “feminine side” that some dames declare exists since there is some overlap between the mind-sets of the genders. Well, that makes sense to me because the shared basic humanness of the two genders (I omit the discussion of what may be a multitude of sub-genders) likely does result in that shared aspect of ourselves exhibiting itself in various ways.

Thus, revealed, exposed for all who enter this post to see is a post present because of emotions rather than intellect or logic with dollops of rational thinking tossed in. Revel in it wenches!!! The hard-core dude is behaving akin to what I observe as being the majority of female thinking… full of emotions and wallowing in feelings with logic and rationality given short-shrift.

Here is my post:

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What is feminism?



What is feminism?



Yet another Web site created in a reaction against the pervasive anti-male agenda as perceived by some folks, both male and female folks.

I have not read all the content at the linked-to site. Nope. I am merely mentioning its existence to convey to you that the backlash against what some folks believe to be a war against males continues and appears to be spreading.


I am still awaiting the shrieking shrews to commence clucking their demands that USA females be required by law to sign up for the military draft and to be drafted in equal or more numbers than males if the military draft is ever enacted again.





SHOCK!!! A Dude Demands Equality!!!

Howdy, boys and girls and everything in-between and those inhabiting the outer fringes whose place within the universe is present but… damn.

It is so damn confusing trying to keep up with modern society. Maybe  that is because I do not own a cell phone or any portable electronic device other than an AM/FM radio that uses D-cell batteries.

This blog is one of several I place posts at. It is the one I use the least since there are so many good blogs and Web sites out in Web land that do an excellent job of conveying males viewpoints.

I created this blog to assist in directing traffic to the Nice Guy’s MGTOW Forum and the other links off to the right —>

I adhere to the general precept of MGTOW in that I take extreme care when dealing with dames in any way since they are extremely dangerous creatures.

What surprises many dames is that I fully support equality. Equality of rights. Equality of privilege. Equality of responsibilities.

The equal responsibilities aspect seems to be an unwanted part of adult life that demanding dames have chosen to ignore.

That’s all I have to say about that since I write about that aspect of the daffy dames frequently at the linked-to message board.

Florence Says





Women have no sympathy and my experience of women is almost as large as Europe.


Now if I were to write a book out of my experience, I should begin Women have no sympathy. Yours is the tradition. Mine is the conviction of experience.


Women crave for being loved, not for loving. They scream out at you for sympathy all day long, they are incapable of giving any in return, for they cannot remember your affairs long enough to do so…They cannot state a fact accurately to another, nor can that other attend to it accurately enough for it to become information. Now is not all this the result of want of sympathy?

I am sick with indignation at what wives and mothers will do of the most egregious selfishness. And people call it all maternal or conjugal affection, and think it pretty to say so. No, no, let each person tell the truth from his own experience.”


Florence Nightingale

Disgruntled Diatribe

Howdy folks.  Welcome to one of my blogs where I successfully piss off massive numbers of the few folks who inadvertently stumble upon my written mental wanderings.

I created a post at one of the premiere MGTOW message boards and decided to place it here, also.

Without additional ado revel in a post that I actually made one trip through seeking errors in spelling and grammar but I excel at offering written mumblings containing errors. Feel free to sue me for any errors found. I am broke so I will laugh aloud and toss in some guffaws at anybody trying to sue the Disgruntled Old Coot facing impending homelessness. At least I have a pick-up with a shell atop the bed so I will be one of the high-class members of the growing number of homeless folks suffering within the USA as the ongoing class war increases in intensity.

And now for the disgruntled essay:



The “news story” spewed by the dame reporter for the Lincoln Journal-Star (Nebraska) whined, moaned, squawked and clucked her outrage by throwing out the implanted knee-jerk rhetoric requiring very little research so the broad could easily write her extremely biased article that met politically correct norms.

Angered by the babbling broads’ bullshit I went to her page on the newspaper’s Web site where there was a link to the BS story on the newspaper’s main area with an excerpt on her personal reporter’s page that allowed commenting.

I was polite and gentle in my approach and used a writing format akin to what would be presented in an upper-level university class.

It was easy to find ample evidence from good, solid sources to rebut that dizzy dame’s idiotic spewing whose contents were presented in similar ways at many locations across the Web.

That dame “reporter” only had to alter a few words to spew tripe and drivel and present her BS as if her assertions were factual and based on actual research.

I was angered by the extremely slanted BS article that so-called female reporter tossed out for an all-too-often ignorant general public to read (the minority who DO read) and believe simply due to the source of the information that I devoted over an hour to create my multi-paragraph rebuttal.

I even proof-read the damn thing several times.

As I mumbled above, I wrote in a manner that was not an attack but merely an obviously well-thought-out disagreement offering ample proof via links to back-up my counter-claims.

So… what was the ultimate outcome?

As has happened to me frequently over the years my counter-writing/posting was deleted.

When I rebutted female spewing of knee-jerk rhetoric full of errors, mistakes and, likely, sometimes actual lies tossed into the public domain my effort was wasted.

So typical of dames. Logic and rationality mean little to nothing to such a large percentage of the Precious Princesses. Emotions and subjective beliefs trump everything.


That trait seems to be a natural part of how the female mind operates. That could explain why so few of the sweet precious little illogical girls enter career fields where logic and rationality trump everything with emotions required to be cast aside.

The dames with their overriding emotionality DO perform extremely well in some areas where those traits make the gals the best person for that job. However, the PC and feminist indoctrination has been very successful in convincing folks of all stripes that today’s empowered women can do anything they set their mind to.

Right. Uh huh. And that bullshit being cast upon society relentlessly and the negative effects upon society and the individuals within has led to a natural reaction by those not prone to being indoctrinated then brainwashed, hoodwinked into being a good little serf for the ruling masters and those wielding the immense propaganda systems within the USA.

That natural reaction is exhibited in many ways with this message board being one example. The rise of MGTOW that the deluded dames and dudes so receptive to “feminist” indoctrination heap their rancor upon.

I have altered my style when rebutting the sweet little illogical girls at the message and comment areas under their control.

Notice how few broads try to rebut us here where the dames can not delete what angers them as they can on sites the dames or their supporters have control.

Knowing that my past rebuttals at pro-dame sites were often deleted I stopped putting effort into my writings and I began using extreme emotionality to impact the mind-set of those often-idiotic emotion-laden girls (a dame can be 60 years old with multiple college degrees but still possess the mind-set of what I declare to be a young girls’).

I was surprised that those emotion-laden illogical message-types were not deleted nearly as often as the posts I created using logic and rationality!!!


Folks….. over half of the populace is female. With emotions, illogic and irrationality the mainstay of that which is female is it surprising that the societal negatives discussed here are occurring along with the growing impact of the dames upon society as a whole and the many systems within the society?

I have met a few, very few, too few females whose minds were able to respond to logic and rational thinking without their emotions intruding and disrupting their thought processes in a negative way.

I am convinced that how the gals are raised when young has immense influence upon their mind-set after attaining their majority and beyond.

Training, education, experiences, etc. also have an effect and can add to or detract from training received when young.

One of the most logical and rational gals I ever met was a rare one indeed. Raised in a military family she entered the USA Marine Corps and spent 30 years there as a registered nurse.

I met her after she retired and became the in-charge RN of the night shift at a nursing facility for the elderly in bad shape and those released from a hospital but far from ready to go home.

We hit it off and shot the breeze regularly at break time. I was 40 years younger than she was but her mentality made shooting the breeze a…. well, a breeze.

If there were more gals with her mind-set then I believe a lot of the squawking biddies demanding this and that from society would be seeing females attaining on their own what those dames are demanding be handed to them.


This post started as a reply to another comment located here:

I have decided to post this reply as a new entry because I believe it sends a message I would be thrilled if one or more of the clucking squawking illogical biddies stumbled upon and actually read.

Here, unlike most of the Web sites the biddies and their buddies control, their replies will not be deleted as long as they avoid the most vile, foul words and blatant threats of death and other logical rational reasons that a reply would and should be deleted for.

Bring it on, little girls. Spew your froth that is so typical for you immature brainwashed girls and by doing so lend credence to my assertions.

Remember, folks. Wear your seat belt. All the cool kids are doing it!!!


**********end of essay**********


Thanks for dropping by!!! And, remember, the USA ruling elites, their minions and cohorts and army of lackeys are waging class war against the masses of We, the People.

Try to rid yourselves of enough of the indoctrination you are immersed within your entire life and allow you mind to open and realize how you have been indoctrinated to be a serf to the those controlling so many systems within the USA that benefit those overlords at your cost in wealth and freedoms.