Teen Vogue Reporter: ‘I Was Groped 22 Times’ at Coachella

Teen Vogue Reporter: ‘I Was Groped 22 Times’ at Coachella

Disbelief fills my essence and I recall the innumerable times that females exaggerated negatives and even created negatives so as to concur with their preconceived notions.

Eagerly waiting for the female reporter to write about her and the sisterhood’s anger regarding societal inequality. A deep penetrating anger at not being required to assume all the responsibilities that males are forced to accept. From military draft registering to being subject to activation if the draft starts up again to equality with criminal sentencing where makes typically receive harsher sentences for same/similar crimes that females tend to receive leniency and a host of other differences in responsibilities.

All I read/hear/see are the demands for rights and privileges.


Students film feminist porno in Columbia University library

These fed up feminist students decided to film a porno in the library to combat “gender tension.”

Students film feminist porno in Columbia University library

Precious Princesses again having their emotions push aside what little amount of logical and rational thinking abilities that sometimes briefly appear within their befuddled mindlets.

WATCH: Educated Trump Fan Leaves Spoiled College Girl Literally Speechless

They really don’t get it. With illegal immigration dominating the headlines again as a caravan of Central Americans travels across Mexico to the United States to challenge the country’s immigration system, it’s worth revisiting just how the issue played out in the months leading up to President Donald Trump’s election in 2016.

WATCH: Educated Trump Fan Leaves Spoiled College Girl Literally Speechless


Scroll down for the video. It takes immense patience to deal with idiotic demented dames whose emotions trump whatever rational and logical thinking abilities the daffy dames possess.


How to tame a woman with a good spanking

A quality female respects and desires a strong man who has their best interests at heart. The ditsy dames proclaiming disagreement are merely brainwashed broads whose emotion-laden mini-minds have been corrupted by a lifetime of elite-owned media and corporate propaganda and indoctrination.

Just avoid those useless materialistic sheep who bleat delight with those that have maliciously molded their infantile minds. Go for the gal respecting you and your ways. Do not be shocked when you learn you never do have to spank her cute little derriere’. The mutual respect between you paves the way to happiness. The brainwashed broads and wimpy-male counterparts will never understand. Their loss.

Dames want Equality, Right? When will the Million-Dame Marches Start Over this Inequality?

The only reason I can think of for that jury giving this broad a “pussy pass” and walk away free is to allow a civil case to be filed where the kinfolk can sue the wench into poverty and keep her there for the rest of her life. Allow enough income to allow basic survival with the rest going to pay off the multi-million dollar civil lawsuit.

Prosecutors in Oklahoma have released a video showing a bail agent shooting her client to death last year, just days after she was acquitted of first-degree murder in the slaying.

Payne County jurors found Chasity Dawn Carey, 42, not guilty on Friday in the August 9 death of 38-year-old Brandon James Williams, who was a suspect in a burglary.

Carey testified during her emotional trial that she shot Williams in self-defense as she and her 19-year-old son, Justin Henderson, attempted to take Williams back into custody and put him in handcuffs.

Chasity Carey, 42, was acquitted on Friday of first-degree murder



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