Here’s the reason this all-women’s college cancelled its yearly ‘Vagina Monologues’

Suddenly, the most feminist play in America is both transphobic and racist.

Here’s the reason this all-women’s college cancelled its yearly ‘Vagina Monologues’

At the very least… avoid any dame who indicates the slightest amount or more of advocating the “feminist agenda.” Especially of the type espoused in the USA educational system at any level. Too many of the hussies are bat-shit insane.


Man shot dead by motorcyclist in road rage incident on I-5

A 60-year-old man was shot to death Thursday afternoon in an apparent road rage incident on southbound Interstate 5 near the King-Pierce County line.A 24-year-old woman on a blue 2008 Yamaha motorcycle and the man who was driving a silver 2016 SUV got into some sort of dispute just before 5:00 p.m. Both pulled over to the left inside lane and the argument continued, leading to a physical fight, according to State Patrol. The two were on the ground fighting when the woman pulled out a gun and shot the man, the State Patrol said.

Man shot dead by motorcyclist in road rage incident on I-5

Maybe the dude deserved being shot. Perhaps he did not. That is a morality decision and I was not there so unable to declare if the dame did the right thing.

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Beware the Broads


Many of the USA systems of command and control are geared towards assisting the female in corralling males. Collaring them, also. Warnings about the immense power wielded by wenches is found at a multitude of Web sites. MGTOW-related sites offering advice and the sharing of first-hand experiences are easily found. Visit them… especially if you are considering marriage or already are bound to a dame legally.

I remain adamant that avoidance is the best policy.

Detroit police say woman lied about rape, home invasion

Detroit police say woman lied about rape, home invasion – Story | WJBK

A Web search reveals how common false accusations are. Sadly, repercussions are non-existent to rare and usually very slight if any punishment is ever levied. Yet when the falsely accused male is prosecuted it can be decades to life imprisonment. Then there are the civil suits that strip the male of all his wealth. A very severe punishment for being the recipient of a lie. The wise man takes every possible precaution because females are notorious liars. No man is safe. Males have been lied about by females they do not even know!!! An extensive Web search will reveal a multitude of horror stories.

After interviewing the so-called victim, investigators realized she wasn’t telling the truth.

They also discovered she had a previous consensual sexual relationship with the man she was calling a suspect. They believe she had an argument with the man and then called police claiming she was raped.

Student steals MAGA hat, demands victim be punished


Implanted idiocy spewing knee-jerk rhetoric. Brainwashed buffoon babbling relentlessly. Is this the USA Leftist/Marxist cohort?

The demented dame will enter the voting booth and cancel the vote of a non-crazed rational-thinking person. Some type of test to ascertain who can use logic and reason when voting vice dementia must be implemented. I expect far more dames to be denied voting privilege than males but getting demented dudes away from the ballot is also critical.

Imagine the fun to be had if a crazed coed confronted one of us MGTOW folks. Criminal and civil charges would be levied and the dames’ miserable life would have its misery compounded greatly. I wonder if the gal is mentally ill to the point it needs to be separated from society to protect itself and others from possible harm?


Woman with emotional support peacock denied seats on United flight

the woman was told on several occasions before arriving at the airport that the peacock would not be allowed on the flight.

Woman with emotional support peacock denied seats on United flight | American Military News

One thought is that the dame purposely brought the beast knowing she would be refused and now she has fodder for a lawsuit. Political correctness backs her. Legal reality is that a negotiated pay-out to shut the wench up is cheaper than a court battle.

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Rev. Quits After Cops Make Church Arrest

A Connecticut pastor resigned Thursday after berating police officers for arresting a man who took refuge inside the church after beating his mother.

Rev. Quits After Cops Make Church Arrest

Video at the linked-to site. Are you in the mood for a cringe? Listen to the idiotic dame and observe her sanctimonious body language. Repeal that 19th amendment NOW!!!

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