Hello. What are you doing here?

Hey you, I just destroyed all the entries that were present in this minute speck embedded within a massive Web. Have I altered the destiny of humanity by doing that? Could the ramifications of my act lead to a galaxy-wide cataclysm leading to the obliteration of our Milky Way galaxy? Perhaps, in a worst-case scenario, the end of the entire universe due to some unimaginable occurrence?


I sure hope not. That would really suck. To be known as the one responsible for the end of existence itself. Oh well. Stuff happens.


Have a wonderful day and, remember, the elites of every country upon Earth dumps propaganda upon the masses of common folks so that the masses can be indoctrinated to accept their elites and the systems those elites use to control the people and ensure that wealth and power flows ever upwards to the ruling masters while the masses labor and do the real work that allows humans to exist.


The USA has the most effective propaganda systems ever devised but it appears that a growing number of the common folks are casting off enough of their indoctrination to become angry at the continuing scam being foisted upon We, the People.

Anyway, be aware of the propaganda and the indoctrination it creates within you. If you are in a country that tends to use peaceful means to control the masses be grateful. Be aware, though, that even the usually peaceful elites WILL use force, even deadly force, to keep control of their servants. The USA has used murder as a device to control the populace in the past and will do so again so be careful if you defy the ruling masters.