Girls want to be taken seriously

Girls, and I purposefully use the term girls saving the label “women” for adult females; adult in mind, mannerisms and how they interact with others.

TV is a very small part of life but it has a lot of influence upon society. If you want more males to take you gals seriously quit playing along with the greedy profit-trumps-all corporations who have an audience to accompany the TV show. The shows geared towards a female TV audience are the worst but general-interest shows also use the audience in a manner that makes those in the audience appear as idiots to adult emotionally and mentally mature viewers… what few there are since the TV shows that coerce the audience to constantly shriek and shout and yell and scream when prompted convey an image that is very negative to the female.

What I find especially sad is that I believe that many of the gals in that audience do not need to be coached before the show how they are expected to behave and would not need a visual prompt such as a sign that lights up saying “applause.”

If you girls want to be taken seriously by adult-minded males boycott those shows until they stop that damnable shrieking. And refuse to play along if you are an audience member. A true adult-minded person would refuse to go along with that greedy corporation demanding you be a shill for their lame TV show that exists only to make a profit for a wealthy class.

It is your choice, girls. And I STILL await you little girls to protest as you do for equality and equal this and that and screeching your incessant demands for whatever but doing so for the equality with males who are required by federal law to sign up with the military draft. Where is the wailing and whining by ANY girl/dame/broad/female in regards to that lack of equality.

Sorry girls, until you dames make some changes in your general attitude I shall remain firm in my belief that only a minority of women deserve my respect in regards to extending my viewing and treating then as full-fledged adults. The rest of you remain girls best avoided unless forced to interact due to work or business reasons such as using the services of a female emplyee of a retail store.

Decades of interactions at the consumer and bureaucracy user level has taught me that the female is often sub-par in abilities and uninterested in performing her job in an exemplary manner. Half-assed… the best descriptor for the female employee. But the girls shriek demands for equal pay. Okay, girls. But alongside that equal pay there better be equal work output and quality.

And then the wailing and whining and screeches of inequality commence.

Silly little girls.

And I will continue to screech myself as I warn the males of the USA… shun the majority of USA females. So few are worthy of a decent, moral, civil, law-abiding gent. Be extremely picky and even then there is danger. The USA female is indoctrinated with too many negatives by corporations who find them to be malleable easily-manipulated consumers and by various societal aspects in general.

There were and are many excellent reasons females were denied voting privileges for so long along with being denied seating on a jury and entering into adult contracts. The gals needed special protection from their ignorance/stupidity back then and they do today. Never forget, gents, marry the wench and her debts thereafter are your debts. The lawsuit she brings to your marriage is your lawsuit. You may pay a very dear cost that ruins your economic life… all that just for momentary access her to her pleasure hole. Is it worth it?






bigmistakeweddingSchools are doing a severe disservice to the male cohort by not warning them of the severe danger of wedding a wench.




And the gals keep accusing Cosby

The following was placed within the comment section of a news story. I enjoy the screeching of the wenches and the males who adore those often mentally deranged hussies who dismiss my words in totality. As if females never lie about a guy or make false accusations to authorities against a male. I imagine their spittle splashing upon their keyboard and monitor as the deranged cohort make their venomous replies to my writing.

Will the one female NOT sexually assaulted by Bill Cosby please stand up.

Search the Web for “false accusation” to learn how common this event is… especially among the female cohort. Until severe punishments are meted out for females using this ploy every male lives a life at extreme risk. Especially those with wealth that can be garnered via a civil lawsuit.

Revenge for a slight even if it is just a perceived slight leads dome daffy dames to use the legal system to seek revenge against a male. Females also have higher rates of mental illness and prescribed levels of mind-altering medication. The crazed female cohort have been known to use false accusations against males who have done NOTHING to the lying female whose warped mind alone can make an innocent gent’s life a living hell.

Do that Web search. Statistical odds alone suggest that more than one of those females accusing Cosby are either lying or accusing him based upon their warped imaginations alone or, there is also the ever-present lust for wealth and the hope of a successful lawsuit or out-of-court pay-off.

Cosby may not be totally innocent but when females use false accusations and it is proven the punishment must be severe enough to deter other dames from lying. Currently, the lying wenches receive little to no punishment for an act that can and has destroyed the lives of totally innocent gents.

Opinion Time

Folks, my factual mumbling merely meant to convey a personal reality while unsure if any message of meaning is conveyed within.

Pert-near 60 years old and never wed. Ample chances… and with some mighty-fine looking fillies. Never a fag was I. Dames only for me.

Why not wed? Early conditioning combined with ample reading and youthful life experiences kept nuptials at bay.

The old man warned of the dangers of impregnating a female at any age. He told of the inherent dangers of marriage as part of my training. He recommended grabbing a whore, renting a motel room and buying booze by the bottle since by-the-drink at a bar is a rip-off. The old man was always on the frugal side.

Observing my cohorts, my peer group of vile spawn Baby Boomers, I saw the Chicano gang-banger broads reveling in watching their gangsta’ boys beat those the dames had lied about telling beaner boyfriend this or that guy had spoke bad of her or had touched her in the hallway at school, whatever. Filthy wenches. Yes, I had several fights because of that as did other Gringo dudes.

Observed all the dames’ desperation to be able to parade their guy in front of all yet, so often, the broad did not even like the guy. He was an ornament to satisfy a need and when done with tossed to the side to shatter upon the rocks of despair. Guys did the same or similar but it did not seem as obviously done as dames did.

The military recruiter who saw a sucker coming when I wandered in mentioned during his pitch that many guys marry the first pussy they get. He advised waiting for the hundredth or more thus allowing a fellow ample comparison ability to allow determining quality of the cunt. Wise man devoid of some social graces but it was the fucking military and the talk is more basic and brutal. I now mention that first visit home after the first multi-month overseas military tour.  Ma made dinner. Roast beef, mashed taters, warm biscuits, butter, gravy all sorts of good shit. Fuck yeah!!! Remember, 10 months aboard a warship surrounded by the assured dregs of society. We were a dirty, mean, scary rag-tag bunch of mutha’ fuckahs’. Reveling at the real non-crap-military vittles in front of me I grabbed a warm soft roll, split it open and asked… “Pass the fuckin’ butter please.” It was the shocked expression on Ma and Pa’s faces that made me realize what I had just said. Whoops. They never said a word about the slip. Ma passed the butter. At least I didn’t say “Thanks, fucker.”

Oh. Those fuckers marrying young… tied down. For years. Fuck. I got to roam the planet then the country, Wheeeeee. Those fuckers following the traditional path of working and saving for decades and then using savings to experience the world or whatever… not all have the wealth or the health to do it OR… enjoy it as much as a bloke does when young, healthy and virile as a mother-fucker.

Boinking a babe, a really cute one, with a sexy southern drawl in Greensboro, North Caroline during a three-day layover then, a week later, having a wild wanton time with a Nez Perce Indian gal in Spokane, Washington. Damn she was fine. Oooga chagga ooga chaga (ask a Boomer, he will likely understand ooga chaga). Praise be that this was the pre-AIDs days before the fagot fuckers fucked shit up for all. Political correctness allowed those bastards to roam free when a decent society would have compelled those carriers of death to reside in secure facilities to try to stop the spread of death. Self-centered fagot fuckers. Weak society allowing death to spread. Fuck the weak USA.

Fuck marriage. Besides, American broads are mostly spoiled fucking rotten at least partially due to corporate brainwashing via many media. I have met a FEW who were not indoctrinated in the typical manner and WERE worthy of a decent dude but… marriage still removes a certain amount of freedom and the fucker following freedom’s path shuns the tie that binds.

Besides… if married would I have ever met and smoked a doobie with a female trucker whose dog’s name was Humper? Humper sat in berth behind the seats where we were sitting resting his head upon my shoulder while staring at me. Humper was a BIG Doberman Pinscher. It was good weed and the setting was far from typical but that’s a story for another fucking time.

Moral? Marry if you must and it may work well for you. Sad to say that over the decades countless married dudes stated they envied me for living an unwed life. They wish they had followed my path instead of marrying.

You American dames better get your act together. A growing percentage of dudes, honorable, moral, civil, decent dudes are determining that too many of you idiotic girls are unworthy of a good man.

Have a groovy day

Hello. What are you doing here?

Hey you, I just destroyed all the entries that were present in this minute speck embedded within a massive Web. Have I altered the destiny of humanity by doing that? Could the ramifications of my act lead to a galaxy-wide cataclysm leading to the obliteration of our Milky Way galaxy? Perhaps, in a worst-case scenario, the end of the entire universe due to some unimaginable occurrence?


I sure hope not. That would really suck. To be known as the one responsible for the end of existence itself. Oh well. Stuff happens.


Have a wonderful day and, remember, the elites of every country upon Earth dumps propaganda upon the masses of common folks so that the masses can be indoctrinated to accept their elites and the systems those elites use to control the people and ensure that wealth and power flows ever upwards to the ruling masters while the masses labor and do the real work that allows humans to exist.


The USA has the most effective propaganda systems ever devised but it appears that a growing number of the common folks are casting off enough of their indoctrination to become angry at the continuing scam being foisted upon We, the People.

Anyway, be aware of the propaganda and the indoctrination it creates within you. If you are in a country that tends to use peaceful means to control the masses be grateful. Be aware, though, that even the usually peaceful elites WILL use force, even deadly force, to keep control of their servants. The USA has used murder as a device to control the populace in the past and will do so again so be careful if you defy the ruling masters.