How not to propose: Fiance slammed for proposing with ‘small’ $2.14K ring

How not to propose: Fiance slammed for proposing with ‘small’ $2.14K ring

Dames do tend to be materialistic. Seems to be part of their nature. Might have to do with being child bearers and being responsible for birthing the little beasts and then keeping the slimy squirmy squawking things fed and protected until the spawn can survive on their own.

The tribe/pack/society/country/ whatever often assists with spawn rearing. Sometime the one assisting in creating the spawn lends a hand. Another possible reason for materialistic dames is socialization. The dames are taught by parent(s), family, friends, society to be enamored with bright shiny baubles, endless shoes and other clothes and the most expensive crap imaginable. Toss in the relentless advertising to buy buy buy and the weak-minded dames become monsters lusting after more crap than I could ever buy. Or want to buy.


2017 Subaru Outback Commercial

That day-dreaming wench in the car would likely last but a few hours if immersed into the life of a vagabond. USA dames are, in my opinion, mainly spoiled rotten and addicted to pleasures and material possessions. Far too few of the Precious Princesses are mentally and physically tough enough to escape a society that goes to enormous lengths to protect the dames.

Walking a mile in her shoes is what real men do…

Walking a mile in her shoes is what real men do

Dumb dames. Wear shoes for fashion vice comfort and practicality. No sympathy from me. And females idiocy at so many levels calls out for a repeal of the 19th amendment.

Read the comments to verify my proclamation of entrenched female idiocy and the extent of the indoctrination the dames have gleefully absorbed.


Minneapolis police chief resigns in wake of officer shooting

Minneapolis police chief resigns in wake of officer shooting

Harteau has spent her career with the department, starting as a beat cop in 1987 when she was just 22. She worked her way up the ranks and in 2012 was appointed chief, becoming the city’s first female, first openly gay and first Native American police chief.

The Somali cop who shot the unarmed woman dead is still not talking to the media. Has political correctness gone too far in the USA?