“What’s curious is that while the women’s twitter goes on and on about female empowerment and celebrating fat chicks, you don’t see any of that sort of thing on the male twitter. Why don’t they celebrate and empower men who are as fat and disgusting as the fat women they celebrate?”


GILLETTE STRIKES AGAIN / Forum Index / Forum Index


Appearing as a thread within a message board mainly, to perhaps totally used by males, little to no censorship occurs. Unlike the message boards operated by the tyrannical elite-class Marxist, New World Order, One-world government, open-border-loving traitors or the sites operated by typical females or feminists or the brainwashed well-indoctrinated girly-boys who bow down to their female masters hoping that those bearers of the sacred vagina will allow them access to that divine device of male control (well, for a few “cucks” anyway) where censorship of comments is common and a fellow such as I is often banned totally from ever commenting there. Was that the longest sentence you have ever encountered?

Any of you fine folks ever encounter the censorship of your comments? Even if you are polite and are civil with your words merely stating an opinion that is contrary to a censored boards’ standards can keep your comment from being seen. This practice is very common with females and the cucks and the usually corporate-operated news outlets and other Web entities ran by monolithic corporate monsters that have immense propaganda/indoctrination power over We, the People and possible even more control over Congress and governmental processes at all levels of governance.




The Wealth that corporations and wealthy elites via their organizations, associations and other entities can legally convey upon politicians and bureaucrats (including their families) when the politician or employee leaves office or position has great influence upon all aspects of the USA. The elite-owned media never reports about this since they are guilty of doing this deed that is spitting upon We, the People!!! The Founders wrote about tyranny and what must be done to remove it. Patriots, prepare!!!

A brief example of wealth influence:  President leaves office. Book deal brings in millions for the politico who behaved properly while in office. The publisher may actually lose money. But those corporate lackeys and their elite-class master know that moneys influenced the president while he was in office. Professional politicians know or quickly learn of future legal awards waiting them and their family if they behave in an acceptable way to the elites. Some are patriots and go their own way. How many allow monetary influence and the offers of other future rewards to affect their in-office actions?

Along with the book deal scam are positions on corporate boards. One I recall was ex-President Ford paid $250,000 yearly (now that amount would be close to being worth a million bucks… damn inflation) to allow a monolithic corporation to put his name on their Board of Directors. His job? As far as I could determine it was to appear at the yearly stockholders’ meeting to make a speech and shoot the shit with wealthy folks and be wined and dined luxuriously and have a generally fine time. All expenses paid, of course. I also wonder if the finest health insurance imaginable is also offered. I would not be surprised if a great pension was not also passed along to accompany the several other pensions that the people at that level of existence receive from multiple sources. Think about that you lowly commoners whose efforts create the wealth that propels the economy with the existing economic systems purposefully designed to diver your created wealth and send it upwards to the minority atop the socioeconomic hierarchy who allow just enough to remain below to avert turmoil and possibly revolution. The folks above do not give a damn if Social Security goes “broke.” They keep diverting that wealth to use elsewhere.




The politicians, bureaucrats and other reap huge rewards via the speaker fee scam. The record pay-out that I know of was to ex-President Reagan who received two-million dollars for one speech. Corporate entities or elite-owned organizations are the ones paying those amounts. Can the common folks offer anything close to that. Of course, all expenses; travel, lodging at the finest hotels, fine dining and other perks are also part of the deal. Locally, one of GW Bushes’ daughters was paid $20,000 plus expenses for a local speech in a town of 180,000 folks, an impoverished town where poverty and hunger is rampant. Local elites and an organization of state elites (I forget which one) paid the cost.

Families of high-level bureaucrats and politicians are guaranteed to never have to compete with us common folks. Look to the Web to see how the kids are rewarded along with whatever parent was in politics. Just a part of an ongoing scam that keeps wealth and power concentrated in a small minority of the USA populace.

Folks, I fear the USA is headed towards a bizarre form of corporate-governmental feudalism with the masses of common folks mere serfs of our plutocratic masters. If the worst occurs there is a possibility that even slavery of some sort could make a comeback as power and wealth becomes increasingly concentrated. The elite owned industries controlling the media, entertainment industries and increasingly schooling/education via influence upon government entities leads to the most effective propaganda/indoctrination systems ever created.























G Washington does not approve


Divide and conquer is an ancient war-fighting strategy.  The USA is in the throes of class warfare and We, the People are losing. A united people can fight tyranny but due to efforts by traitors in our midst the USA common folks are divided into bickering contentious groups that are too busy squabbling with each other than untie to fight an enemy that has disguised itself anyway by using their propaganda/indoctrination power.

You can assist me by adding any groups within the USA that have led to the country being disunited. Do that in the comment section below. Here are a few I can think of.

Feminism encouraged by the elite-owned media. Females against males. The #MeToo fad the media encourages and hordes of dames clambering aboard.

Allowing mega-millions of illegal alien invaders to enter and rampage through the common folks committing many felonies and non-criminal aliens taking jobs and the estimated 20-million illegals require housing thus driving up housing costs typically for low-income citizens then there’s identity theft that harms citizens and many other crimes. The elites and the government have basically done nothing to stop the ongoing invasion. Follow the link for a peek at a minute amount of the damage committed by those invaders:

Illegal Alien Crime Report


Brainwash the buffoons to ignore 1,400 years of killing and invading and taking over the invaded infidels. What traitor decided it was a good idea to import barbarians into the USA? Were any of us ever asked if we wanted those dangerous 80 IQ vermin forced upon us… often at taxpayer expense?





















If curious go to the Web and read how that filthy enemy of Western civilization brutally gunned down an innocent White Australian lady that posed NOT THREAT to a Moslem filth that view infidels as shit to be shoved away. Females are also despised in that sick culture. Listen to the Moslem filth your tax dollars support, likely for generations to come, and for their very high birth rates… helping to divide and conquer the common folks of the USA.



Please read the comments below the video. They are informative and indicate common attitudes and beliefs among many of us non-indoctrinated common folks. The elites and our traitor elected political representatives are ignoring us. One of many displays of the class war being waged against We, the People that is attempting to destroy the Founder’s creation. The Founders wrote that we must do when tyranny rises. Times have changed since the Founder’s time. Our enemies have an incredible amount of power and control of the various embedded systems that operate the USA.

Voting has become meaningless beyond the local level. It is a charade. I can not well-explain why. Others far smarter than me have placed essays upon the Web explaining why voting at the state and more-so at the federal level is a huge scam with the common folks given the illusion that We, the People have an impact upon important issues within the USA.


voting insanity





This post is long enough. If you have read this far, thank you. There are many other examples of tyranny and traitors purposefully dividing We, the People into as many divergent groups possible. It eases their takeover of the USA and the people within.

This post is obviously generally off-topic for this blog. I started with the intent to show how corporations and their advertising are a form of propaganda/indoctrination that is used as a tool to affect the way the common folks think then act/behave in ways that assist the elites’ agendas. I quickly expanded upon that to discuss a clear and present danger to not only the Founders’ creation but to all of Western civilization. Look to the Web for ample coverage of the multiple threats to all Western countries.









There are many akin to patriot Kessler. Search the Web and you will see the growing conviction by patriots that tyranny has risen and is growing. Be wise with your preparations, patriots. Always think before acting. Find wise, logical, rational leaders and follow legitimate orders. Do not be fools as so often seen with those crazed brainwashed idiotic barbarian Moslem jihadists forced upon us by traitors inside our own country.

Obey the law. Consult with competent leadership. Use every legal, peaceful method of fighting tyranny available. ONLY resort to violence if there is absolutely no other alternative. Let the traitors start the war. Only then will our patriot leaders give the orders to have We, the People, the patriot non-brainwashed societal segment, take our ground and stand fast and use the wise efficient methods that will hopefully oust the traitors and invaders in the most humane manner possible. Far better minds than mine know how to conduct the required operations. Many of them will be military officers and law enforcement personnel. Backed by MILLIONS of armed patriots it is conceivable that the tyrants could be shuffled away in abject shame and the invading barbarians herded to transportation back to the cesspools they came from. Their supporters, those who refuse to surrender to the new Founder-approved reality, may do best in labor camps humanely but sternly operated by the military. Exercise, healthy basic foods and actually performing tasks useful to others and the USA as a whole might be a new experience for what were one vermin infesting us.

I pray a cohort of New Founders arises to lead and guide us. Until they arrive, please follow the advice above. We are a better people than the tyrants spitting upon us and the barbarians they use as weapons against us.





































In modern USA that will be a last resort and ONLY done if there is absolutely no other way to defeat tyranny.







Tyrants and traitors want to flood the USA with hordes of people who have nothing to offer the USA and would be an immense drain upon our resources. We can not allow multitudes of the worlds’ poor unable to gird their loins and defend themselves and grow a crop and do the many things OUR ANCESTORS DID WITHOUT RUNNING TO OTHER WITH HANDS OUTSTRETCHED DEMANDING FREEBIES AND GIMMEDATS’ AND ‘YOU OWE ME!!!”

Tyrants are playing upon our emotions to allow hordes of people who would assist the tyrant’s quest to divide and conquer the American people. You will never hear or read elite-owned media mention what I am. Tyranny is upon us!!!




Tyrants across the world attempting to destroy Western civilization. Europe is in severe peril. Canada is headed towards a possible Islamic state. Even the USA is in peril. Our modern world is more dangerous that the Axis of World War Two or the Cold War. The enemies ARE invading from afar but the most dangerous enemies are the tyrants and traitors within our own lands. Prepare for war, patriots. Prepare properly, Be smart. Please follow the advice i left above.




At the local veterans’ organization I belong to, 600-plus strong, I regularly hear talk about the possible necessity for some type of revolt or revolution. Some label it Revolutionary War Two. I never heard this type of talk 30-years ago. Over the years it appeared and has grown considerable. Spread the word of tyranny rising, patriots. Maybe sheer numbers will strike fear into the traitors and their lackeys and the fiends MAY back off.  Doubtful but EVERY PEACEFUL METHOD IS WORTH TRYING!!!











I believe what I write is true and realistic. Hopefully my opinions are obvious via the manner in which I write. Spread the word. The media will not do it. That propaganda source merely creates confusion to assist their evil self-serving causes.


If I am forced to enter battle I will display my old division patch from service in Asian waters aboard the finest frigate that ever entered disputed waters to keep the sea lanes free… as the USA should be free… but that IS disappearing




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